Madhosh Diaries Online OTT Ullu New Series

Madhosh Diaries Ullu Web Series, Cast, Story, Review, Reaction, Release Date

A new web series named ‘Madhosh Diaries’ has come out from ULLU. Here in this article, we will be talking about audience reaction, story, review, and of course cast. Ullu is one of the top priorities of the people who love to watch romantic drama with some hot twists. This time  Madhosh Diaries can be one of the most viewed ULLU web series according to our findings.


first, let’s take a look at how people reacted to the series. At the time of writing this post, the trailer got 11k like and more than 500,000 vies on youtube. Acording to findings, the new Madhosh Diaries web series got both negative and positive comments. according to critics, the story is not new at all. but on the other hand enthusiasts of hot romance are appreciating the way shooting is done and the storyline as well.

Littel about story 

Madhosh Diaries consist of a complicated story. according to the tailer, a woman who is living an unhappy married life is going through day-to-day troubles. Later she finds her husband is cheating on her. but the surprising thing, in the end, was that she was also doing the same.


Despite having so much controversy and criticism there is a fine line that has to be clear. Madhosh Diaries ullu web series under the name of a good wife present real-life rare situations. In addition to that, it also gives an example of the consequences of unhappy married life. The previous ullu already made series on the same storyline but it’s wrong to say that Madhosh Diaries is going to be boring. if you are a regular website watcher then you must give Madhosh Diaries ullu web series a chance.

Release Date and Cast

First of all, let us reveal the release date of the Madhosh Diaries. The series is going to be available to watch on June 11, 2021. Further, you must be looking for cast information as well. Sadly there is no information available about the actors in the series. You can download the ullu app to watch the series on June 11.