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Recently a girl named Jinky Serrano came into the spotlight after she got engaged with famous basketball player Scottie Thompson. Hence further in this topic, we will be discussing who is Jinky, biography, age, Instagram, ex-boyfriend, and more. 

Jinky Serrano Wiki

Sadly there is not much information available about her but biographydata.org has found that she runs beauty clinics in Pampanga. But before that, she was a Flight attendant. As of 2021, Scottie Thompson is 27 years old which means Jinky will be around 25 years old. Filipino professional basketball players have happily got engaged with Jinky the owner of beauty clinics in Pampanga.

Basketball player Scottie Thompson's wife Jinky Serrano


Net Worth

her net worth is not known for now. According to our findings, her estimated net worth will be around 50k USD.

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Ex-Boyfriend, Family

No other details have been found about her past relations. this page will be updated soon after more trusted details. It is also recommended to not trust any random website which claims unverified information about her.