Hum Aapke Fan Hai Kooku Web Series, Full Episode Watch Online on 7th May

Hum Aapke Fan Hai is the new upcoming kooku web series and releasing on 7 May 2021. And you can stream the web series on the official kooku app. Moreover, kooku is the mass content producer of adult drama entertainment and it is one of the leading OTT platforms in erotic adult 18+ entertainment. Here you will get the full details of the kooku web series Hum Aapke Fan Hai cast, actress, release date & timing.

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Hum Aapke Fan Hai kooku Web Series

After the teaser review, Hum Aapke Fan Hai will be an erotic, drama with a light comedy kooku web series. Besides, The cast is amazing and kooku chooses the actors very wisely especially her heroines. Therefore, If you are a fan of erotic drama with sensual entertainment then it is the best web series for you and you will get full enjoyment.

The show is streaming on the kooku app on the 7th May 2021 that is available for both android and IOS. However, You can download the app for free but you need a subscription in order to watch the shows on the platform.


On the official channel of the kooku platform, the teaser of Hum Aapke Fan has launched. Currently, It gets up to 67,320 views with 1.4k likes and the numbers are still increasing.

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By the teaser, it will a web series with a combination of drama, erotic, comedy, and humor. If you like these kinds of genres then you will really be going to enjoy this show. However, you need to download the kooku app to watch the show, if you are not a subscriber. And, don’t forget, the Hum Aapke Fan Hai will be releasing on 7th May 2021.

Cast & Full Details

Name: Hum Aapke Fan Hai
Platform: Kooku
Suhana Khan, Aritaa Mishti Paul, Mohit, Yogesh Bedi, Aryan, Tushar
Director: directed by A.S.
Producers: Kooku
Censor Rating: A
18+, Erotic, Drama, Romance, Comedy
Release Date: 7th May 2021
Show Timing: Anytime


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