Debashish Acharya

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Another news from Kolkata a man Debashish Acharya who has slept Trinamool Congress MP whose name is Abhishek Banerjee. Before 6 years ago he has involved in the controversy and got lots of attention of people recently he has been found that in serious condition in West Bengal. As per the information he was also admitted to the hospital on Thursday where the doctor declared him dead now he is no more this news is getting lots of searches. Hence we have brought the post which is all about his death and you will get to know every single thing.

Debashish Acharya

Debashish Acharya Death 

So far investigation is going on and police are trying to find out clues related to the case. There is no confirmation that it was murder or road accident as he was found in the injured situation then some unidentified people have taken him to the hospital where he was announced dead. His family members are in mourn and feeling blue for the big loss.

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Debashish Acharya Death Reason

As per the statement of his family, his family members are heartbroken now and they are claiming that he has been murdered. As they went to the hospital to see him but unfortunately, he was not alive then. This incident has come in the limeLight and there are many questions which are raising towards BJP party about his mysterious death now it has come in trending and all the news channels are covering this news.

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