Chris Fleming wikipedia, bio, death reason, wife, family, instagram

Chris Fleming (Chris Kash) Wikipedia, Bio, Death Reason, Wife, Family, Instagram, OnlyFans, YouTube

Model and Instagram personality Chris Fleming also known as Chris Kash had passed away. It is hard to digest but Chris Kash had died and his death was confirmed on social media.

Chris Fleming wikipedia, bio, death reason, wife, family, instagram


The followers of the chris are in shock and it is really hard to believe that he has no more between us. Kash’s wife, Toochi Kash also validated the news on her social media.

Chris Kash was a unique, bold, and cheerful personality and his followers will missed his appearance.

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Chris Fleming Death Reason

He passed away due to some kind of health predicaments at Saint Rose Dominican in Las Vegas. However, the actual reason of his death, yet not confirmed.

However, his family released a statement using his Instagram account and his wife also confirmed his death.


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A post shared by Chris Kash (@flemshow)

Chris was a very kind person, in order to follow his wish to be kind to others each and every day. He has donated his organs to those who need more. His personality was like a hero but in real life, he was a real superhero.

In order to provide the tribute to hero chris, dozens of nurses and staff lined the halls in the honor of him. Moreover, they make an Honour Walk at the hospital, on his way to surgery,”.

Chris Fleming’s spouse also confirmed the news in a series of Instagram posts. “Rest in paradise my Bubba,” she wrote. I’ll always stay positive for you my love.”

Chris Fleming kash wife, girlfriend
Chris Fleming With His Wife Toochi Kash

Who was Chris Fleming?

He was mainly popular in the name of Chris kash on Instagram. Chris was a model, fitness freak with a bold personality. Due to their good looks, and charming character he was quite popular on Instagram with 1M followers. Fleming had a muscular full tattoo body, almost full body covered with tattoos.

Chris Fleming death reason, wikipedia

Chris like to encourage peoples to be fit and happy in their life. Three years ago, he decided to join YouTube and started his own page called ‘Flemshow TV.’ In this channel, he show his daily routine, what they eat, what you can eat, and what fitness diet he followed.


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A post shared by Chris Kash (@flemshow)

Meanwhile, Chris had an OnlyFans account and He often gave people a glimpse of what they could expect to stay fit. He also used Instagram to show his personal life and post more as much as possible to maintain engagement between his followers.

who is chris fleming

The death of Chris Fleming aka Chris kash make a void in the heart of his followers and fans. He will always have a special place and memory, and there is no doubt that people will miss him.

Name: Chris Fleming
Full Name: Chris Kash
Age: ~25-30 years old
Date of Birth: NA
Birthplace: NA
Death date Thursday March 4, 2021
Death Place Saint Rose Dominican in Las Vegas
Marital Status: Married
Wife: Toocha kash
Kids: Not Known
Family: Father – Name Not Known

Mother – Name Not Known

Sisters – Mallory and Montana

Qualifications: NA
College: NA
School: NA
Profession: Model, Instagram Influencer, Youtuber
Net Worth: NA
Social media: Instagram Account

OnlyFans Account

YouTube Channel

Height: 6’5”
Weight: NA
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black Brown
Shoe Size: NA
Zodiac: NA
Nationality: American
National Origin: America

“Rest in Piece” Chris Fleming.

23 Replies to “Chris Fleming (Chris Kash) Wikipedia, Bio, Death Reason, Wife, Family, Instagram, OnlyFans, YouTube”

  1. I am the mother of a young man who talked with Chris on the phone every day for the past few months. My son told me that Chris was probably THE nicest and kindest person he’d ever come to know. Just an incredibly wonderful man is what Chris is. I did not personally know him, but words cannot describe the sadness I feel at the loss of such a wonderful soul. We need more Chris’s on this planet. And my heart breaks for his entire family and wife. For some reason, Chris’s spirit has touched me and he left this world being exactly the person he always was: Generous, thoughtful, kind and giving. Giving his organs tells me everything I need to know. May you be at peace and have a wonderful time in paradise, Chris. You have made a difference in this world.

  2. Rip 2 bro. Everybody says he was a good guy, so I’m probably sure that’s true. Despite the wierd fast sex life him and his “wife” toochi kash. I dunno anything about these people what kind of drugs they were doing what kind of wierd sex orgies they were having out there. I don’t care I could care less. What I really want to know is this! WHY is it that Chris flemshow family is begging the public for money by starting a gofundme for the death of this guy, their claiming they need money to help with the expenses and all that is fine I totally understand it’s going to be a financial burden of some sort. Why are they starting a gofundme. Did Chris die broke? Is toochi broke? She couldn’t afford to give them 10k to help with their expenses? Did Chris have no money of his own? What kind of wierd stuff is going on? Is the family profiting from this kids death???? It just seems really wierd bcuz toochi kash and Chris kash were flexing on the gram Gucci this fendi that, prada Louis Vuitton, u name it. she is online talking about how her new estate is being built . She is shopping everyday? She hasthis rich high fashion lifestyle… she supposedly has these nice homes nice cars but she couldn’t afford to pay for his family travel expensss to come see their dead kid? Somebody plz help make this make sense. Something wierd is going on. Theirs already rumours he died cuz of an overdose on K. Toochi barely showing any remorse online seems like she could care less, parents are begging for money??? Wtf I thought these guys were rich???? What’s going on?

    1. I totally hear you… I didn’t know Chris personally, but he seemed like such a nice, compassionate, and healthy guy. Something isn’t adding up. It’s not my place to push and speculate, but I did follow Chris for years on Instagram and recently OnlyFans… I cannot deny that my intuition strongly senses something isn’t quite right here. I desire to respect those whom have passed on… I also believe that as Chris was such an inspiration and brightening moment of happiness to many of our days – clarity regarding what led to his death – would be helpful to understand, let go, and not repeat a potential mistake. Whenever I try to type Chris’s name, it keeps autocorrecting to Christ. I truly hope no foul play was involved… Rest in Peace Chris(t).

    2. Facts. I’ve been to her house it’s basically a Mecca for the devil. I predicted his death months ago which is unfortunate but I could see the lifestyle he was headed in. Toochi is a sick and twisted person, her time is coming.

    3. Same and then have the onlyfans haveing sex with different girls or her haveing sex with girls like where the money at I seen there stuff on there stories buying stuff new cars dogs and house why ask for money and Wht killed him and there no obituary on him 🤨🤔 or it was on tmz that he died but thn have a gofundme pg asking for money to take him back home like wtf happen to him and thn was not married he and his fiancé was planning a wedding I’m hell confused like no bull shit sorry he gone but Wht killed him and no obituary if he died on the 2 and want to surgery on the 4 🤨 to save others life

    4. I am saddened by his passing. Something doesn’t add up . No one can find closure. Her behavior is not the norm. And also the first love of her life passed… scroll back on FB

    5. Weird, your right.
      I have been helping toochi to gain access to her father’s inheritance .a considerable amount of money. I have been asking exactly these questions . She promises to pay back but one thing leads to another.
      Is Chris really dead or is this another scam .
      I have been dealing with her lawyer and all documents sent to me all seem fake.
      I am really confused also.

    6. Your right , dead weird .I think I’m being scammed ,she claims her father died and I’ve been funding her , I think it’s a scam. How can they not have money.
      It’s still going on.

  3. It’s so heartbreaking but I am hearing it was an overdose of a mix of steroids, ketamine, and alcohol. He was truly the nicest guy and dedicated to his family and he just got caught up in her world. Totally heartbreaking. As for the money, we all know she has millions and millions, I am hearing she is not providing anything for arrangements and funeral. He comes from a small modest town in Canada.

    1. but why didn’t she help the family for the funeral? he was her fiancé? something strange is happening here

      1. Your right , do you know if her father died known as Mike Johnson kash within the last year . I think she is scamming me for money.

        1. Her real name is Natalie Nicole Salloume. She is scamming you I saw her IG story around Christmas she’s with her dad and mom theyre very much alive. I’m sorry that happened and if you have any other questions let me know 😊

    2. Why isn’t she helping with the costs ? I heard she had sexy with 2 transgenders the day he went to hospital. I wonder if it was to much for him.

  4. does anyone know the cause of death?
    I follow them on instagram, they look like they are living the life of their dreams but only they knew what was behind it
    he seemed like a healthy guy who doesn’t smoke, he eats healthily, now I read that he overdosed. I see that Toochi is active on Instagram, as if her fiancé did not die. Very sadly, the wrong choice of wife cost him his life unfortunately. He had everything with her, I hope he rests in peace

  5. it’s totally bizarre — she’s posting on her instagram stories like nothing happened.
    I have heard from a few people that it was an overdose — steroids, ketamine and alcohol. So so sad. A gem of a man who unfortunately got lost in that crazy world.

  6. Sounds like a sacrifice to me and maybe he was her sacrifice for selling her soul for riches fames etc. she makes millions yet didn’t help with burial yikes sounds very suspect. I saw her IG still posting sexy pics videos like nothing happened just weird. My heart goes out to his family. Becareful who you link up with just because they have money.

  7. I’m sad to hear him pass and I’m also intrigued with what happened…..very bizarre, for a fitness model to just die? I saw everything he posted on IG, looked like he liked the healthy lifestyle …maybe she made him go insane with her lifestyle which in turn ….devastating fate…. someone explain please! I look his name up every day to see if they will post a cause of death. So sad he seemed very nice and genuine. RIP Chris

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