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Ukrainian ambassador to Thailand Andrii Beshta aged 45, has mysteriously died on Koh Lipe island off this southern territory on Sunday morning. The details were obtained from the public relations office.

Pol Capt Bidan Saripa, a Ko Lipe police detective, said Mr Beshta and his 17-year-old child, Ostap, showed up on the island on May 28 for an excursion. They remained in a similar room at Bu-nga Resort.

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Death Cause

Beshta headed to sleep at 11pm on Saturday, his child said. At 4.30am on Sunday morning, he started retching, at that point blacked out and kicked the bucket in a matter of seconds a short time later.

Beshta’s demise was accounted for to Koh Lipe police at about 5.30am.

The body of the Ukrainian minister was subsequently taken from Koh Lipe island to Satun Hospital. According to the doctors, it was clear that he died from covid.

There were no hints of the room being constrained open or of the representative being assaulted, the official said. An assertion credited to National Police appointee representative Kissana Phathanacharoen later added that “Preliminary investigations showed no signs of him being attacked, no signs of a raid or violence.”

Andrii Beshta Wiki, Net Worth

Beshta went through over a time of his vocation in Thailand, as per the consulate’s site, showing up first in 2007 as an instructor to the conciliatory mission in Bangkok. He was designated the consulate’s appointee chief general in 2011, taking over as minister in 2016. Acording to findings, his net worth is not known for now. We will update more information about his wealth and early life soon.