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Friend, a famous show that is watched worldwide, has given sad news related to fans. The universally renowned hit show “Friends” streamed its reunion episode. In any case, with this exceptional, some miserable news likewise followed the episode. The dismal news was the death of different individuals related to this show to whom this uncommon was devoted. Among them is Alicia Sky whose news is trending right now.

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Death Cause

Acording to finding, we found that back in 2002 Varinaitis was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. At the same time, she was seven months pregnant with her girl child, Ashlyn. After her brain surgery in the same year, doctors said that she will live 18 months more.

Further, she unexpectedly lived more than 16 years and sadly died back in 2018. But to live this long she had serious surgeries of the brain. Acording to the sources she had 3 brain surgeries, 80 rounds of chemotherapy, two rounds of radiation, and countless days in the hospital.

No one likes staying in hospitals but sadly there is no choice. Later on August 30, 2018, she passed away at her home in Malibu at the age of 47.

Alicia Sky Kunerth Wiki

Alicia Sky Kunerth is also known as Alicia Sky Varinaitis. She modified her surname after her marriage. Alicia Sky Kunerth is primarily known for acting in the funniest and epic show Friends. The Friend was started back in 1994 and till now it has 10 sessions. The show is one of the most hit television shows. Alicia was born on June 20, 1971, and sadly died back in August 30, 2018.

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Net Worth

Her net worth is not known for now. according to our findings, her estimated net worth is around $100K. More details are needed.

Husband, Family

More details are not known for now. More sources are needed for her husband. Fans hope that she lived her life to her full potential. Many gave tributes and uncountable posts filled with emotional messages.