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News is getting viral over Twitter and other social media platforms. According to our findings, Lee Hyun Seob who was just 17 years old committed suicide due to accusive bullying in school in South Korea. Read the post further to know more about Lee Hyun Seob Biography, school name, parents, education, death cause, and much more.

Lee Hyun Seob suicide case


Lee Hyun Seob Wiki

Acording to the currently available data 17-year-old, Lee committed suicide on 9th July 2021. Many social media posts clams that he ended his life on 9th July however the date is still not confirmed. Further, his parents claim that he decided to end his life after being excessively bullied.

17 year old Lee Hyun Seob Bio


Acording to our findings, his parents are demanding justice for their child. Many people are showing support to his family and raising voices against school bullying on social media.  

In addition to that, some people also claim that the school in which he was studying is trying to cover this incident up in order to save the image of the school.

Lee Hyun Seob Wiki

Lee Hyun Seob was a 17-year-old young boy who was studying in high school where he was bullied. There is no other information is available about the school however we found that the school is situated in a village named Yanggu-gun in South Korea.

We also found some people on Twitter who are sharing the last note that Lee wrote before dying. 


Lee Hyun Seob last words before dying in South Korean language
Lee Hyun Seob last words before dying in South Korean language
Lee Hyun Seob last words before dying in english translation
Lee Hyun Seob last words before dying in English translation

No other information has been found about his family, girlfriend, siblings, friends, and so on. Many people are sharing tributes and anger on social media.

The investigation is in the process by local police and further details will be added if something happens.

Net Worth & Financial Status 

No other details are available about his family’s financial status. 

Family, siblings, girlfriend

No other information has been publicly available. This page will be updated after more trusted sources.