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We are all a piece of carbon that can be a priceless diamond.
We have the value going in all we have to do is
cut, shape and polish it.

I am a “life coach.”
I embrace the double win.
Only if you win do I win.
I will give you what you want
I will get what I want
I will make you glad you talked to me today
And someday you will whisper in my ear
The ultimate double win:
“I like me best when I am with you.
When I am with you somehow
You allow me to be all I can be
And you inspire me to be all that I want
And for some reason when I am around you
I have a feeling….
Todays gonna be a good day!
Tonights gonna be a good night!

This is my battle cry!
You get to be my age you can adopt it:
Chase your passion not your pension.
Chase your passion you get a pension!
Chase your pension you don’t do anything with passion!

In conclusion
I am a coach….not a cop!
I am a Health & Fitness Coach……. not a fitness trainer!
I wish to empower you not externally motivate you!

For the rest of my life
I want to plant shade trees under which I know I will never sit.
I want to “not” know that its time to eat because I am meaningfully involved.
I want to “not” know that its time to hit the freeway because I am engaged with a noble mission.
I want to know that what I am doing is consistent with where I want to go.
I want to go out like a true champion!
A life choreographed right down to the last second!
Ahhh the feeling….
No regrets..
I have given my all and I am not though yet!
My work will live on!
My name will be spoken by many in AWE
That one man can make such a humongous difference!

So I have to make a decision
Do I want to be here?
Do I want to be there?
And I want to make that choice based on this passion
Not my responsibilities, requirements or obligations within the limits of this lifetime.

Hence you will find me for the rest of my life
Where-ever people suffer.
My mission:
Eliminate misery, suffering.
Let human being live together in harmony.
Establishing the peace and security of this earth!

You can be a total winner.
Even if you’re a beginner.
If you think you can… you can
If you think you can… you can

Way to go medallion
Ride your own black stallion
If you think you can…you can
If you think you can…you can

Its not your talent or the gift at birth.
Its not your bank book that determines worth
It isn’t in your gender or the color of your skin
Its your attitude that lets you win

Rise above!
Stay in love!
Lose the weight!
Find the perfect mate!
Profit in deflation
Redirect your nation
Make life a celebration
Think you can
It doesn’t matter what you’ve done before
Little difference whats the half time score
Its never over till the fat lady sings!
Keep on trying and you’ll find you’ve won
YOu’ve grabbed your dream!
Then believe!
Go out and serve you will achieve!
If you think you can…you can
If you think you can…you can

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(5) Ed Williams

I am a “#lifecoach.”
I #embrace the double win.
Only if you win do I win.
I will give you what you want
I will get what I want
I will make you glad you talked to me today
And someday you will whisper in my ear
The ultimate double win:
“I like me best when I am with you.
When I am with you somehow
You allow me to be all I can be
And you #inspire me to be all that I want
And for some reason when I am around you
I have a feeling….
Todays gonna be a #goodday!
#Tonights gonna be a good night!


Know everything about GPS vehicle tracking systems in Australia

The GPS vehicle tracking system has grabbed pace lately and businesses having a fleet of vehicles that work on a daily basis, one example is electricians, plumbers, limousines, taxi drivers, haulers, etc, check their vehicles with GPS installation. The following are several of the benefits obtained by implementing GPS vehicle tracking:

‘ The geostationary positioning satellite helps your business fleet to optimize performance and improve efficiency with a greater extent. The GPS tracks the vehicles since the satellite provides you with update information regarding the direction, speed and position from the vehicle.
‘ Businesses can conserve huge amounts of money by saving fuel because GPS technology gives info on the speed with the vehicle. You can monitor and control drivers who exceed speed limits and thereby waste fuel. Furthermore, you are able to limit the constant maintenance bills and in addition cut down on the insurer premiums.

‘ Companies or companies that implement GPS vehicle tracking system show a growth in productivity, profits and efficiency.
‘ By tracking vehicles with GPS fleet management it is possible to offer a better need to your customers.
‘ The GPS tracking technology ensures safety and security from the fleet, as you may keep a review your vehicles as well as the drivers’ actions.

Using the GPS technology in your organization can increase profits, enhance operations and efficiency.

In addition to your aforementioned advantages, vehicle tracking systems offer security for school transport. When children continue school trips in addition, it provides satisfaction if you know the coach or bus includes a tracking system in.

There are lots of vehicle tracking systems provided by the majority of them effective in providing the exact location on the vehicle along with keeping pace by using it.

Transport fleet operators could have a tracking system to hold a watch on his or her staff too this means you will help improve efficiency on the company along with the business.

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Online Medical And Nursing Schools – Why They Make Sense

Becoming a licensed inside a medical field is really a profession aspiration held by huge numbers of people everywhere. there are several different specializations to hold on to and there is always any excuses for highly educated healthcare experts, especially in the current economical local climate together with the fairly quickly aging baby boomer generation. However, medical institution can be an expense that does not all people can pay for. Thus, the rise in Medical Assisting courses.

Online medical assistant programs can be difficult to find, but why is this fact? Well, in truth, it is because a complete online medical assistant program won’t exist. You can only figure all this out information though your personal computer, and even via a book. There is a point at which you need to simply train certain methods in a very classroom setting, so an instructor or other expert may make sure you’re up to everything right, so if you feel not, they’re able to help you fix your troubles. If you might be going to become working with patients, and doing procedures on patients, you simply must have practiced them before in a very licensed class.

The 1st step in finding outstanding program has certain of official certifications. You may find certainly ripoffs in existence but you will quickly realize also a great deal of courses registered through authentic boards like Commission of Certification of Allied Health Education Courses or Accredited Bureau of Health Training Universities. Before enrolling in a very program, maintain positivity the program you’re thinking of is legitimate and licensed to make certain you’ll be able to utilize college to its full potential.

Only a great deal can be said in this post about online medical assistant programs. More details can be obtained at the medical assistant programs website. There, you will discover a couple of free and useful facts for any individual seeking assistance in your community of medical related assisting.

However, locating an registered program is merely part of the search. Finding a course that can mean attain teaching inside areas you wish together with the special focuses you’re the most curious in is something else to look into. Search for a software program which fits your schedule, might be completed inside a timely fashion and will be offering a wide array of information addressing both management and clinical experience. Training programs that offer internship experience have excellent benefits too; internships supply you with a hands-on chance to practice the expertise you learn in online programs showing your work being a Medical Assistant.Online medical assistant modules allow university students to get the position of Medical Assistant (MA) in their free time inside the comfort of his or her home. Taking some students only few months, these distance schooling programs are relatively cheap and gives the chance to head to classroom whenever and wherever it truly is most practical for that pupil. If you’re considering beginning a nice, gratifying career inside really fast growing medical related assisting profession, acquiring a certification or associate advanced schooling degree from an recognized online program can make it come to pass much more easily than it is possible to imagine.

Medical Assistants do numerous functions doctors make use of, like prepping laboratory samples, taking good care of patients, checking crucial statistics and preparing sterile and clean surroundings. A recent craze in schooling is proving to get an affordable and handy way of getting started in a college program: online education colleges. Taking lessons online in this specialized field might sound unattainable, unreliable or risky but there are numerous approved and reliable courses just expecting robust and driven individuals. A training program is not required for Medical Assistants but is a brilliant way to ensure career achievement over applicants who may have no schooling or education.

These models of classes are more and more and much more preferred currently. People are regularly busy using jobs to enable them to simply make a living, so the ability to take a classroom if you find time is very hassle-free . In fact, you cannot make something more hassle-free than that! However, its necessary to note that choosing a partial online class requires more responsibility by you. You have got to maintain on your required reading or exercises, which is not as easy as it might appear. Procrastination can actually go on a major toll on anyone who takes an internet classroom, since they keep putting it due to their busy lifestyle. This will probably cause anyone to fail terribly a classroom, and in many cases suffer a loss of revenue to get their target of any certificate or college degree.

The third and last thing to think of will be the expenses of the program. Weigh the benefits of an particular program resistant to the costs and select one which will be affordable in your case. Studies doesn’t come cheap but it is a wise and necessary financial investment in virtually all cases. Be going to decide what you can in fact and can’t afford prior to choosing. Even the absolute best education program isn’t value debt and hardship. By checking extensively for scams, searching for training programs with a lot of choices and planning on financial aspects, chances are you’ll easily find online medical assistant universities that helps prepare you for a new path.

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How To Survive And Prosper In A Tough Economy?

Summary: If you have been trying hard to find the right pool of talented resources as far as independent sales representatives, manufacturers’ representatives, and sales agencies are concerned during tough economic times, the services of a provider offering independent sales rep opportunities would help you in more than just a way.

If you are finding it difficult as a business owner to increase revenue and expand market reach, accessing advice and services on independent sales rep opportunities and building sales force with independent sales representatives, manufacturers representatives, and sales agencies would help you in endless ways.

This is not just because it is easier than ever to make a targeted search using specific criteria to access representatives of independent manufacturers, but also because independent representation would help you more than placing advertisements and wading through thousands of resume responses.

From idea to success
Businessman showing the way to success

By making use of experienced sales representation, you can easily find the best resources for your future-oriented business by reaping the benefits of a profiling form for manufacturers and representatives, without the resume reviewing hassles. One of the biggest benefits of selecting the services of a provider that facilitates independent sales representatives is that the candidates referred and placed are found to be more productive and focused, primarily because of their strong and established customer base.  Furthermore, finding sales reps would even be beneficial to maximize the efficiency of every sales representative without adding on to management oversight or leading to cumbersome reporting systems. If that was not all, the placed sales reps would be selected only after his or her experience and qualifications match exactly with requirements so that the entire process of finding the best qualified to perform the required services or offer support is facilitated smoothly and beyond expectations.

The best part is that you can easily realize the short and the long term objectives of your business, small or big, by evaluating the capabilities of your available and potential resources and finding the best sales and manufacturer reps without compromising on the reputation of your business and quality of the products and services offered. If that was not all, you can easily cut down on costs, efforts, and money involved with hiring the best sales talent by accessing a comprehensive database of independent representatives that would help your business identify and hire highly-skilled, sales professionals, but you can also gain complete insights on the sales talent that your business needs. The list of advantages associated with a network of independent representatives does not end here. One can even become an independent manufacturer’s agent or profile manufacturers and suppliers to explore new sources of income.

If that was not all, hiring the services of affordable independent sales reps and manufacturer reps can easily help you cut down dramatically on operational and administrative costs without compromising on the quality of the final products and services. In other words, your efforts to find sales reps would be all about making the right decisions while cutting down on the costs of doing business.  By doing this, it becomes all easy to sustain the operations of your business while being assured of a good return on investments even when the economy is drawing back or receding. Making such a smart move even helps in coming out strong during times of economic recession, and even making profit from a recession.