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Linford Christie History

In the world of athletics, Linford Christie is still remembered as the only British man to have conquered gold medals in the 100 meters at all four major competitions (the Olympic Games, the World Championships, the Commonwealth Games, and the European Championships) that are open to British athletes.

Born in Jamaica, Linford was raised by his grandmother before he followed his parents, who had emigrated to London. He was educated at Henry Crompton Secondary School in London and excelled in physical education. Linford Christie rose to prominence when he began to work under the coaching of Ron Roddan. Christie surprised all when he conquered the 100 meter events at the 1986 European Championships and finished second in the 100 meter event at the Commonwealth Games behind Ben Johnson.

In Rome, Linford Christie was awarded the bronze medal at the 1987 World Championship after the original winner Ben Johnson was disqualified after he admitted to years of steroid use. The athlete was the first European athlete to break the 10-second barrier in the 100 meters to become the most decorated British male athlete.

Christie participated in an indoor meet in Dortmund, Germany in February 1999 where a routine unannounced drug test found the banned substance Nandrolone. Previously, he tested positive for the stimulant pseudoephedrine at the 1998 Seoul Olympics but manage to escape sanction after disciplinary committee of the International Olympic Committee voted by a margin of 11 to 10.