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Himanshu Kaushal Actor


Himanshu Kaushal is a motivated, committed and talented actor with strong stage instincts and extensive formal training. I am a perfectionist who possesses a solid work ethic which compels me to keep tweaking a acting part until both me and my colleagues are fully satisfied with the performance results.

I am committed to achieving the highest standard of performance and always willing to listen and learn from others. I am energetic, prepared to ‘go the extra mile’, and sure to make a real difference to any project I am involved in.


Languages: English,Hindi and Punjabi

Dialects – North Indian

Special Skills – Cricket , Bowling, Ice Skating, Tennis, Driving, Dance


Eyes: Black
Hair: Black
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 65 kg
Hobbies: Acting, Singing
Mother Tongue: Hindi
REFERENCES – Available on request.

3 years of experience in Theatre
Stage Shows and Street plays
Freelance Assistant Director